Why We’re Here

I’ve always had a difficult time staying. And, rarely has it been easy for me to leave.

In the last years I’ve spent working in nonprofit and the caring professional field, I’ve noticed again and again this propensity towards burnout. It doesn’t surprise me anymore, and still I’m not satisfied.

This is an expedition, not a map. And, I’m assuming we’ll get a little lost along the way. Really, it’s those side streets that tend to leave you seeing the world from a whole new perspective. I prefer the cobble stones, graffiti, and alley ways.

I want to find our way through a pursuit of understanding and hopeful movement, not an answer or quick fix, to the challenges and issues we face each morning as we decide to step again towards this hope for change.

Please view all poetry and writing here as authored and owned by its creator. If you have interest in using, do and credit when possible. 

We can only speak from where we’ve been. My mother named me Junia, but you can call me Nia. I grew up in suitcases as part of a military family, still struggling to find roots. I “stumbled” into nonprofit work and the counseling field, focusing on trauma, and keep finding my way back. I strongly believe in laughing and am most at home sipping coffee or sitting in front of a bonfire with a few good harmonies. 


3 thoughts on “Why We’re Here

  1. J

    Hi Nia! I just stumbled upon your blog, and I’m so glad I did. I also somehow found myself in the field of counseling, despite my first dream of going to school to hone my craft and become a writer. I like how you put it, saying “I’ve always had a difficult time staying. And, rarely has it been easy for me to leave.” I can see a lot of that myself, but I also know that it takes a special person to stay and hang tight when it’s a field so easily lost by burnout rates. It’s so nice to find other people out there who somehow landed in the same career paths, but also have an appreciation for writing as well. I look forward to reading more! 🙂

    xx Jackie

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    1. niambaker Post author

      Hey Jackie! There’s something about stories. Wherever we find them. Maybe part of staying is learning to tell our own, in all its messy glory. Here’s to you and your story too. So nice to meet you. 🙂



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