A Conversation Amongst Rabbits

A Story of a Velveteen Rabbit: What took place in the Woods. 

“Do you feel real?” the other rabbit asked.

“What does real feel like?” said the stuffed creature.

“Why, marvelous. Like an monarch tickling your nose or the wind scuffling along your ears. Like a million ants marching to a drumbeat you hear as you’re falling asleep.”

“I don’t feel anything any of those things.”


“But, at night I lay awake and hear the boy breathing and sometimes he pulls me tightly into the crook of his arm and holds me. And, I stay there till the sun rises behind the blue blinds. Is that the same?”

“I don’t think so.”

“Oh. What can I do?”

“I don’t know. But, I think I’ve heard of this before. It’s called LOVE. And, if the stories are right, one day LOVE will make you real. But, you’ll have to give everything to get it.”

“But, I’m scared.”

“I know. You’ll have to trust. LOVE is powerful. It’s not safe, but being real never is.”

One thought on “A Conversation Amongst Rabbits

  1. Court

    Nia! How awesome are your words girl?!
    Seriously, this was powerful and awe-inspiring and stellar. Keep it up. Your words are stirring things inside my soul that are making me think and contemplate what actions to take….
    Usually, winter means depressin and loneliness… But Love is awakening, Nia. Love is opening up some doors… The rabbits are right… Its not safe.. But as T-Swift says “nothing safe is worth the drive”

    Keeping you tucked in my pocket,



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